I love the monkey man

because his tail is fuzzy

Teh Vickster
16 January 1990
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This just happens to be the best picture of myself I have(taken by Amanda!)...which is odd because The best one I have is on me catching my friend ( to the left CG)at I-con and dragging her away to be sold on the Black Market >.>: As Walter (arm on the right) watchs! ^-^ Oh well!...And I just now noticed I cant tell my left from right! Walter is on the left, and Cg is on the right...opps >.>:

So uhh...hey everyone! >=]

My name is Vicki, and this just happens to be my Livejournal. I dont really update this to much, I only really go on here to look at communities >.>; and every once and awhile I will comment on something but thats about it. Uhh...if you want to know more about me your more then welcome to IM me on AIM >.>: Can't say that I will actually be on, but you could always e-mail me to! I'm always willing to talk to someone ^-^

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See! This is Zidane! I love Zidane XDD And I love Walt-a-roo right about now beause he made it for me ^____^

'I value friendship above all else.Lovers may come and go, sewing their seeds and leaving their scars.But friends,carefully chosen and nurtured, are like firm rocks upon which our lives ebb and flow with the tide, always secure in the knowledge that our foundations will not falter' ~Legolas Greenleaf

Oh.my.valar. Everyone! You must watch this video, for it is the best FFIX FFmv there ever was! ^-^ The song fits perfect for Zidane and Garnet's relationship.

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