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I hate today.

So, that picture was taken around three hours ago and it was right before my Mom let Chi out of my room. And you know where he is now? If you do then tell me because I have no freaking clue. I can't find the fucking cat and it's driving me nuts. I am so paranoid that he got outside some how. And then I wont be able to find him. But then I sit here and think how the heck would he have gotten out? No doors were open, and only one window was and it was open maybe 2 inches tops. And I don't think Chi could fit through that.

But, I still haven't found him and normally when he gets out he runs around the house looking at things then gets bored and come back to the room, and he hasn't come back, nor have I seen him walking or heard him meowing.Plus you can normally call him and he'll meow and start to move, and that hasn't been working. So then I get worried that he did shove himself through that little gap in the fucking window.

But then it could be that he is hiding really good because Grams is here and he is scared of her. I can see that being part of this too.

I just...am so frustrated that I can't find him. And then I think, wow that's the last picture I took of him...what if I can't find him and he doesn't come home? Then I get worried that it's like last time he got out and he was gone for a month and a half. I blame AnimeNEXT. Because he got out last year around then and its close to that time now this year.

I am so pathetic.

;_; I just want my kitty back in the bedroom safe and sound.
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Excuse me everyone as I just smash my head a couple of times right here on my keyboard.




>B| If we actually get down to this con...I don't know what I am going to do.
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baby acguy~

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So! Nyaf stuff is all over the place. xD Neko is no longer coming which is really sad. We also just found out how much the hotel will really cost per person. And that is a no go. Wayyyyyy to much money that we do not have.

We also, are not even totally sure if we can come up with the money for the Air Gear stuff. >_< Soooooo cheaper costumes here we come. xD I really wanna at least get something new this con. It's been awhile. And we were so use to something new every con, and that hasn't happened since Katsu. xD Sooooo if we don't get the Air Gear stuff, I am sure CG and I can come up with at least something and pull it together in time. ;D I mean, Aiden and Kari are easy. 8D And like...really easy >.>: xD Sooooo Yeah who knows!

At least, we have like 2 months to come up with everything. Maybe we will re-use some older stuff. I kinda wanna be comfy xD Plus, I really don't want my anckle to blow up again. So, hopefully any boots we do use won't make it swell past it's kinda normal state now. xD

Plus, for the AG stuff, I kinda wanted to lose some weight x.x; I have become a bit of a porker which is no good! So, at least now this gives us more time to get costumes, and for me to lose some of my chub xD

So yeah. Random rambling here.




I am not saying yes, I am saying maybe. It would be cool to do both that's for sure. xD

Well, now I will go back to watching CG and Hime killing one another in Fat Princess. Oh the lawl's this game causes.
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Well I haven't undated since my like rage post. So I figured since I am bored and have nothing else to do, why not ramble over here.

What rage I had last night is now gone, its more of an annoyance anyway xD So I am happy that I calmed myself down and is now just chill ;D Thank you again serah for listening to my rant xD YOU BE DA BEST! ;D

We have a month left of summer >_< I am not sure how I feel about this. I still haven't gotten my damn loan to go through for Suffolk, and I have to have some of it done by the 4th or I loose my classes. So here's hoping I get that done. But I kinda can't wait for it to start. I want to do stuff again. Plus the anime club will start back up and I have a lot of stuff to get done with that too. NYAF is just down the road here! PAPERWORK MUST BE FILLED OUT~! I hope we get a good amount of people coming our way this semester since it's Fall an that's when everyone comes in anyway. XD

In happy news, I have been reading a lot of manga, which really is good. It's been so long since I actually cared enough to look into new things and be in the loop about whats going on. Which is good. So now I have finished a lot of things reading/watching wise. Lots of costume ideas just not sure when and where we are going to use them. xD

I know we are pushing for Air Gear stuff for NYAF ;D AND THINKING OF NYAF WE HAS A HOTEL ROOM! ;D Since our o so lovely Neko is joining us for the con, and maybe even Q, Jess went and booked a hotel for us. So this should be tons of fun xD PLUS FREAKING VAMPS.


ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME! ;D It may not be Lark, but oh well! its 25% of them xD And that is better then nothing!

Thinking of con's makes me wish we were going to Otakon next weekend. BUT EVERYONE I KNOW WHO IS GOING I HOPE YOU HAVE TONS OF FUN! ;D I know some of you are going to be crazy busy with Hetalia stuffs, but good luck with that!

I hope the Durarara!! info they announce will be awesome!

It makes me sad to think at this very moment Metro is going on down in FL. This time last year I was so crazy excited for it, and now I am so sad we had to miss it. But it's cool. We are going to try to go again next year. AND TO OTAKON next year too xD I am booking a room once they announce the dates. Gonna have a crazy con year next year if I have anything to do with it! I have to run around like a nut NOW before its too late. xD I mean, I kinda missed out on the teenage con going thing, and so now I am going to fix this problem. 8D




See now, the Turn A cosplayers are either going to explode out of the woodwork now, or there will still be none xD Or! What few there are now will be recognized better for once! xD It just reminds me of how I wanted to do Harry. He is on the nice long list of cosplays to doooo x.x; Gotta beef myself up for Harry though, there is a real gun show under those funny looking sleeves. xD

I think I am going to go play myself some FFX xD Tidus has been calling to me! Or maybe even some Pokemon...

AND CHI WONT SHUT THE HECK UP! I have no idea why! BUT ALL HE DOES LATELY IS WONDER AROUND THE ROOM CRYING! ;_; I don't understand whyyyyy! He gets jealous if you don't pay attention to him, and then once you start he will get annoyed wonder off, and start meowing....or screaming x.x; I think I need to get him some more catnip to calm him down xD
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So! AnimeNEXT is in a couple of days. We have been running around like nuts trying to get money and look for Chi. My mom thought it would be a great idea to let him outside and not tell me. So he has been missing since the 6th x.x; and I am getting worried. Well, I have been worried, I always freak out when the cats get out, but he has been gone for so long....x.x; I am worried that I will get really depressed if he doesn't come home soon. x.x; And I also know for a fact, that if he doesn't (and I really, really do not want to think about that)I will never forgive her. I don't think I could bring myself too. I have only lost animals when they died, and that was a bit different. She let him outside KNOWING he would run away. And didn't even tell me she let him out, and then DENIED doing it. I hate that. It makes me so sad x.x;

But happier news!

AnimeNEXT is this weekend, and it looks like we came up with all the money we needed, so we are defiantly going xD Going to go as Quattro and Bring. Should be fun, fun, fun!

First time driving off the island too x.x; But at least I have a gps ;D so I shouldn't get lost! And if I do...when the gps will yell at me and tell me where to go! ;D

Uhhh I cleaned up out our front yard xD It looks so much better with our super lawn mower and super weed whacker O_O It's insane xD I haven't attacked it like that in forever ;D so it's nice to see it all clean ;D

THE FIT IS GOING TO GET ALL NICE AND PRETTY BEFORE WE LEAVE FOR THE CON! ;D and CG found this awesome facebook group for Fits 8D I love it! I need to take pictures of mind and post them xD

Thinking of pictures >.>: I am soo going to take so many pictures at AN xD it's going to be so much fun. xD So many people I know are going xD Close friends, rp friends, kids in my anime club, and just people that I have met at other cons too xD It's going to be nuts!

Plus I have Colie and JP in mah car xD So we are going to be rocking out hard core to like Disney music and oh so awesome weeaboo tunes. xD

Uhhh what new things have happened.... uhhhhhhhh.

I may bring my little Haro friend with us to AN, so he can sing Pegasus fantasy at me xD I figured since I am not doing Neil I wouldn't bring the Haro box... but since I am Quattro my little green one should be fine. xD

OH YEAH! FFIX came out on the psn network today! 8D when I get home, I am so getting it and putting on my freaking psp and taking it freaking everywhere 8D Shit is going to be awesome.

>.>; And for the last week I have had a crazy addiction to the manga Bakuman, I have no real idea why... I just can't stop reading it. <.<

Okay now I am done rambling :o

So if any of you peeps on here are going to AN you should so let me know ;D
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Man oh man. It had been such a long time since I had watched any Tenimyu stuff. So last night, CG was randomly like. I think its Tenimyu time! I ended up going out and picking up Kathleen to come and watch them with us. XD

So we watched the first 3 dream lives. I forgot how much they all make me smile. And I surprised myself that I remembered the words to all the songs. xD I forgot how I love the first cast, and how the 2nd grew on me only because of Shirota and Aiba. How when Yanagi came back he could barely walk and sing and even if he was just standing there he would shake. But he tried so hard to do everything. As we watched, I started to remember how annoyed I was with them graduating the Hyotei cast.

Well I went and looked into all the ones after the 3rd Dream Live since I had stopped then, not really caring much for the 3rd Seigaku cast. And my god! How they did the shows after that was insane. Having more the one cast for the teams at once. It was crazy. I loved how they had some of the old guys like Juri and Kazuki pop in once and awhile to reprise there roles.

So I didn't think I would really watch them, I had no plans to when they came out, I didn't care to follow it now.

But then I saw that there was a 7th Deam live.


My mind almost exploded. I mean come on they were on the 7th!? I mean I remember when I was like 14-15 watching the first one and laughing the whole time. But not they made it to the 7th. I felt really old. So I went and looked into it a bit more, and I think my heart stopped.

I saw that it was the 5th Cast for Seigaku and I was okay with that, at least they hadn't made it to the 6th yet. But then I noticed they said there would be two casts switching again. So I laughed being all like HA 6TH CAST HERE WE COME. Till I scrolled down.

And saw Yanagi Kotaroh as Ryoma Echizen.

The first cast...is back!


TakaEiji! And MoriEiji! Freaking Kimeru! And Nagayama and Tuti! Gotomo and Sota!

I am so happy!

I can't wait for the dvd to come out! And a rip!

I wonder how they all look now!

If Yanagi has gotten better enough to actually preform at his old level!

If he is going to be able to sing and dance. 8D

I wonder what songs they will sing...and then I noticed maybe I should watch everything in the middle so I would actually KNOW the songs they are singing...unless they do SUPER old ones, which would we really awesome too... >.>:

Ah well now I am going to have to go and keep an eye out for that ;D It's going to be fun to watch!
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Oh Live Action things how I love you.

Well School is finally over. I passed all my classes ;D So if all goes well after this coming semester I am done with Suffolk.

If all goes well...

But! It other news! We are still planing on going to AnimeNext. Kinda didn't get the badges in time for pre-reg...but oh well xD At least it's a few of us who didn't so I wont be alone on the normal reg line. xD

Metro doesn't seem to be happening due to Marriot offering me credit cards repeatedly then not actually giving on to me. Sooooo that kinda messes up any plans we had there. But I guess there is always next year. AND I HOPE THEY DO GET 10,000 ATTENDEES CUZ THEN NEXT YEAR ITS A FREAKING 4 DAY CON WHICH WOULD BE AWESOME.

Getting a bit more into Arashi which is fun. ;D Nothing amuses me more then looking at dear Sakurai Sho's silly faces. xD I also have been sitting here plowing my way through the Drama Rookies! Nothing better then crazy rebel high schoolers who play baseball xD. I am just happy at just how much they roll there r's. Makes me laugh. I am just happy I noticed earlier today that the ending is actually in a movie, not in the spacial episode. xD So I went and hunted down the movie and it's sitting there waiting for me xD.

THINKING OF LIVE ACTION MOVIES! I soooo re-watched the 2nd Death Note live action yesterday. Which also made me smile. I really do like how those movies play out. I find the story ending a bit better and no where near as drawn out. Plus, all I wanna do is pinch Light's cheeks. The enidng always makes me so sad. Just because of the way Light talks to his dad. ALL HE WANTED WAS JUSTICE! ;_; But anyway, yeah I was happy I re-watched it xD

Because Ryuk looks freaking awesome!

Uhhhh went to the beach yesterday after kidnapping Colie for a bit. The moon looked awesome on the water...and there was a shit ton of fog. Good thing we left there before the crazy thunderstorm last night.

I kinda gotta get back into an anime kick here. xD I have just been watching so many drama's that anime has just kinda been pushed to the side xD

Oh well xD I am out for now. I am sure I will be back at some point rambling on about some thing....
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We got home a little while ago from the Sakura Matsuri out in Brooklyn.

It was a lot of fun! Deffently worth getting out butts out there!

A lot of awesome people were running around. Saw some old friends as well as met up with a few newer ones! ;D

Lockon/Haro was a pimp xD people kept running over to me to either hug me, or hug Haro which was entertaining xD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
As you can see, Haro also is a beautiful model~

Can't wait to go back next year though! Since we couldn't get the Yukata's this year around for Sakura and Syaoran that is our goal for next year! ;D

But now I am flipping tired, and my ankle is starting to ache.

We didnt get to sleep last night till like 4 Am, then we had to get up at 7:30 am. Didn't eat at all through out the day then finally on the ride home around 7 pm we got some Arby's.


So now we are going to lay around, watch some Air Gear and sleep some.

We have a paper to write tomorrow and a play to hit up at the school. ;D busy day, busy day.

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Went to the doctor on Friday~ Had some nice X-rays taken of my ankle.

No breaks ;D

I get to skip out of my gym class for a good 3 weeks though! And have this oh so awesome ankle brace x.x; (mind you there is only 4 weeks left of my classes anyway <.<)

But of course once I went to the doctor, my ankle de-swelled a lot. So now I kinda don't even notice that it's still messed up unless I move it the wrong way. xD

I actually sat down and finished reading Fledgling yesterday x.x; I still gotta write the paper on it though.

Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be....but it still wasn't the great thing I have ever read. It was a good 315 pages I had to force myself to keep reading x.x;

Darn Intro to the novel class with there bad book choices!!!!

Gonna go out now and get mmy Brace then return home and watch some more ROOKIES.

And lemme tell you. After all the darn cleaning I did for Hime's Party on Friday! The house is still clean!! Which was is a first!


While I was running around on Friday with my foot, we threw a super-awesome-par-tay for Khristin/Hime! Which was fun xD We hadn't thrown a party over here in awhile so it was a good thing!
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